change has come – my blog has moved!

a couple days ago i mentioned changes and new adventures for the new year! one of the changes will be the end of after many many years! :( i am consolidating my personal web site and my blog together and therefore my blog will now be located at and i think it will be for the best.

for the few who use rss to follow my blog my new feeds are and i hope you update your rss and follow along.

not for sure on what i am going to do with

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December 30, 2009 in my life

nikki & rich – the next best thing

today i discovered nikki & rich on itunes, but a little bit of “umm, exactly who is nikki & rich?” i discovered i actually discovered nikki over a decade ago when she was a teen christian singer as a solo act nikki leonti. i was a huge fan. i have a first album, and played it out back in the day. she has an amazing voice. and has changed…

this song is free on itunes this week!
get it. and be happy about it.

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December 29, 2009 in ear candy, videos

a new adventure for the new year

i am resting up on my christmas break but of course i am not at a standstill. something is always brewing with me! i am going to be introducing something really exciting in the upcoming weeks/new year. stay tuned!

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December 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

is college worth it?

College in America
Presented by Online Colleges and Universities

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December 28, 2009 in my life

the day after

hope everyone had an awesome day yesterday. i am blogging from bed again, been doing that a lot lately since i can actually stay in bed past 6am during christmas break.

going to hit up starbucks in a little bit since a friend came over last night and gave me and my sister a starbucks gift card for christmas. i have some grading to do so i’ll take that with me and get some work done…or maybe not!

happy saturday!

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December 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

white christmas here in dallas!!!

according to the local weather man we haven’t had a white christmas since 1926 in dallas, tx. yesterday we got snow, real snow, and it is still on the ground this christmas morning!

my nephews got just about everything they wanted. i just gave them money. at 5:25am the 5 year old was banging on my door waking me up. we opened presents up at 6am and that’s just way too early for an adult but perfect for a child! i am glad my nephews are happy with their gifts.

i am blogging from bed, on my iphone, and i will probably stay here for a bit.

here are some photos from my phone.
merry christmas!

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December 25, 2009 in my life

according to my students i am stylish

…but you got to remember they are 2nd graders!

the past few days i’ve discovered some awesome fashion finds…

today i FOUND black books that fit my skinny little legs! a few years ago i found some brown cowboy boots from target that fit perfectly, and almost every time i wear them people have something positive to say about them, besides from this one guy who said they looked like hooker boots. but forget him. i had been searching for so long (like 2 years) for black boots that fit me. most boots, almost all, are too big around my calves. thanks famous footwear and some brand named connie! totally made my day. and i had also been searching a long time for a nice black fitted coat. at burlington i found the cutest wool coat in size pxs by miss sixty that has a snug fit and will keep me happy for a long while. i am so ready for cold weather!

last weekend my facebook status was something like buy betsey johnson and be happy because betsey johnson makes the wildest amazing stuff to wear and carry. over the weekend i bought a betsey johnson wallet to replace my old betsey johnson wallet. and i bought crazy betsey johnson animal print leggings that i am determined to work into an outfit. i bought a belted ruffled skirt that i plan to wear with them, but i got to figure out a top.

perhaps i should create a lookbook!

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December 23, 2009 in my life, style

Angel Taylor – “Single Ladies / Realize” [Milwaukee]

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December 22, 2009 in ear candy, videos

time off

enjoying my winter break so far, even though i feel like i am not being all that productive. i was able to finally call two of my friends who i had been somewhat neglecting. sorry lex and marie!

my students gave me awesome christmas gifts. jewelry, clothes, etc. one of my favorite gifts is a peace necklace. i had explained to my kids how i like the peace sign and encouraged them to be peacemakers and so the gift was very thoughtful.

i have a little bit more christmas shopping to do. i hope to finish today. so many people to shop for in my family!

i want to do at least one photo shoot during my winter break. will have to make that goal happen if nothing else!

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December 22, 2009 in my life

it’s late, i should be sleep

…but i’m not. feeling unwell, think i have some food poisoning from some chinese food i ate last night. i feel like i need to throw up but i can’t. after work i just came home and slept. i have a ton of things i could had done, though. the grading pile is mile high.

tomorrow is my last day of work before christmas break. i didn’t want to deal with the aftermath of a pizza party so my children are only having a cookie party. for christmas gifts i gave my students books. and so far i’ve gotten some cool loot.

one more day, one more day…
and then some rest for my weary self.

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December 17, 2009 in my life